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Laura Meyer
Wedding Designer Decorator
Conway, South Carolina 29526
Telephone: 434-426-3624

I'm also an Interior Decorator as well! view my other profile

Hello! -- Thanks for visiting! -- I had so much fun designing and decorating my own wedding that I have decided to add wedding design and decorating as additional services to Laura Meyer Design -

I will work closely with you and your wedding planner (or I can refer / arrange a wedding planer for you) to bring you the most gorgeous wedding you deserve! It's your special day!

So I can handle most everything you/we need to make your day the best it can be! --- graphics, images, a stand-alone website, diy projects, table settings, personalized pieces, alters, invitations, save the date cards, signage, and much much more!

I am located in Conway, South Carolina but can help you with your special day in other areas of coastal south carolina - I can also help you really no matter where your special day is going to be! - in fact, I just got back from my own wedding in central Virginia!

You can check out some of my work examples by visiting the Photos Albums here on my page or you can use this direct link at

You can check out my own wedding website and see my custom images and my graphics and my layout I designed/developed for it - - and I can certainly design you something similar or different!

Let me know your favorite colors and your style/theme and we'll get started! ~ Laura

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