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Laura Meyer
Interior Designer Decorator
Conway, South Carolina 29526
Telephone: 434-426-3624

I'm also a Wedding Decorator as well! view my other profile

Hello! --- I've always believed everyone has a story to tell... and our stories are all told in many different ways. Your home is one of those ways.

Your home tells your story in a distinctly unique way... a way that reflects who you truly are and what you are most passionate about. It's a story of your life, your journey, your family... a collection of all you love. Your home's story is a curation of your most meaningful moments and memories... an inspiring refuge of solace and joy.

So... what's your story? And, how can your home best tell it?

That's why I'm here... so I can help you tell your unique story within the walls of your own home. Please let me know how I can help! ~Laura

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